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Temperature Control Advanced

Digital innovation in commercial cooling assets

We empower businesses to take charge, harnessing the full potential of their equipment for improved quality control, cost-efficiency and operational excellence. Explore how our expertise is reshaping the food and beverage landscape. 

Key benefits
  • Quality control and Compliance assurance
  • Reduced operating costs and product loss
  • Traceability allowing identify the source of issues
  • Scalability & adoptability based on customer needs
Remote monitoring

Real-time monitoring of cooler conditions along with multichannel notifications, enables businesses to safeguard product integrity and swiftly respond to any emerging issues. Accessible by both web and mobile applications.

Vital asset metrics

Intelligent IoT sensors continuously capture crucial data, including temperature, humidity, light, door status, power supply conditions and more, and generate alerts when thresholds are breached or deviated from.

Reports & Analytics

Access an array of valuable reports, aiding data analysis and informed decision-making, for enhanced business performance


Map view enables quick identification of discrepancies or violations of Geofence boundaries, while (un)authorized movement tracking within or out of pre-set Points of Interest trigger notifications.