Vodafone Innovus IoT Asset Control for retail coolers & freezers

For store owners and small businesses that need to efficiently manage one or more coolers (cold beverages, pharmaceutical coolers, food freezers etc.) they have in any location through a simple UI.

Custom built & certified devices

Designed and built by Vodafone Innovus, the ZLT-CC device family gives you complete control over your cooler’s operation and thermodynamic data, wherever in the world it’s located.

Additionally, the multitude of certifications such as EN12830 Class 1 Temperature recorder, ensure consistently correct goods monitoring and complete compliance with international standards and regulations such as HACCP.

Sensors for any use

From monitoring temperature and humidity, connection to mains, compressor status, door openings to content weight, we offer sensors for any need.

Meaningful data analytics

Monitor technical, operational and Commercial KPIs through easy to use graphs and tables and constantly monitor the status of your coolers or freezers.

Dynamic map presentation

See your coolers and salespoints on the map and check their operational status.

Immediate alerts

Receive alerts in time for power failures, temperature increase, door openings, unauthorized movement and other events through the web app, your email or your mobile phone, so you are always up to date on where your coolers are and how they work.

Detailed reports

Select through a rich list of detailed reports to go through the data between any dates with actionable data and check your cooler status & operation

Mobile app

Monitor your cooler operation & location wherever you are through the iOS and Android mobile apps.

Installation & Support

We handle installation of devices and sensors for your coolers and cooling chambers and offer Technical Support for the complete solution.