A complete Fleet Management solution that offers operational costs reduction, productivity increase and better customer service, giving you a distinct advantage over your competition.

Dynamic map presentation

Select one of the maps that suit your needs and see your vehicle status, location, route playback, sensor data or traffic data for any route of any day, points of interest and geofences.

Fuel consumption

Consistently accurate & Prompt fuel level & fuel consumption for all vehicles.

Certified temperature

Temperature measurements for refrigerated trucks with certified and calibrated, highly accurate sensors

Driver safety

Ensure your driver’s safety & analyse their performance with detailed dashboards, panic buttons and driver ID tags.

Meaningful Data Analytics

Instantly check without delays your fleet’s complete status.

Immediate alerts

Get alerts on the web app or email and SMS notifications per user for any speed, timetable and geofence violation or off-limit sensor data

Detailed reports

Get detailed reports for your entire fleet or arrange scheduled reports to be delivered in your mailbox as frequently as needed and make sure you’re kept up to date for whatever you need.

Mobile app

Monitor your fleet wherever you are through the iOS and Android mobile apps

Installation & support

We handle the telemetry device & sensor installation on your vehicles and end-to-end support for the IoT Fleet Control solution to cover all your needs.