Vodafone Innovus Custom loT Solutions

Place your trust in our many years of experience in developing custom end-to-end IoT solutions on the secure and Vodafone Innovus IoT.

Complete user experience

We offer all our solutions end-to-end on a global level, aiming for the best possible user experience

  • Web & mobile User Interfaces based on your exact needs to make the best use of your data
  • Rich dashboards that crunch your data to lead you to faster decisions
  • Detailed reports & BI tools to take advantage of the information available
  • Dynamic representation of geospatial data on different basemaps

Devices for all cases

We choose the devices that will cover your needs and integrate them to the Vodafone Innovus IoT platform to securely and correctly gather their data.

And even if the device you need does not exist, we can design, certify and manufacture one for you.

Connectivity with your IT systems

Data from our platform can be sent to your ERP/CRM through APIs (Application Program Interfaces) so you can manage your assets through your own infrastructure but also in reverse, data from your IT systems can show on the Vodafone Innovus UIs (dashboards, grid, map, reports) adding a new dimension to their data.

Flexible & secure platform

The Vodafone Innovus IoT platform is designed to offer complete flexibility for rapid application development and device communications protocol integration so that the solution you need will be build according to your specifications in record time.

It also employs the latest data protection, access control and safety standards & techniques to ensure the security of your information.

Professional consulting services & project management

With more than 10 years’ experience in developing end-to-end IoT solutions, we work with you to design the solution you need, by offering consulting services and also project management services to ensure timely & correct delivery.

Global solutions

Our solutions delivered through the Vodafone Innovus IoT platform can be offered as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) anywhere in the world and with the Global SIMs we can guarantee your IoT devices will deliver their data from any part of the world you choose to activate them in. We also offer complete remote and field solution support on a global scale through our Support & Field Engineer teams as well as through our expansive local partner network.