Vodafone Innovus IoT Asset Control για Ice Cold Merchandisers

For all commercial coolers & freezers of a large enterprise anywhere in the world. Location, movement, goods & assets status through dashboards, maps & alerts.

Custom built & certified devices

Designed and built by Vodafone Innovus, the ZLT-CC device family gives you complete control over your cooler’s operation and thermodynamic data, wherever in the world it’s located.

The devices can regularly transfer data over the mobile network (Always On) or through Bluetooth over the specialised mobile app for Business Developers, if you alternatively require occasional data capture.

Sensors for any use

From movement tracking, footfall, monitoring temperature and humidity or door openings, to compressor status, power consumption, the lights or content weight, we offer sensors for any need.

And if you want to connect directly to the cooler’s controller unit, the Vodafone Innovus Technology team will ensure its complete integration to relay all of its data to the Vodafone Innovus IoT platform for safe and accurate monitoring.

Meaningful Data Analytics & CRM/ERP connectivity

Monitor technical, operational and Commercial KPIs through easy to use graphs and tables and constantly monitor the status of your entire asset estate.

We can also connect to your CRM/ERP so you can bidirectionally exchange data and take full advantage of the entire breadth of information from both systems.

Dynamic map presentation

See your coolers and salespoints on the map and check their operational status.

Run geospatial analyses on the multifunctional map and check commercial and technical data easily & quickly.

Immediate alerts

Get movement, temperature and other sensor alerts & user notifications through the web app, your email or your mobile phone for any sensor value that is off limits or for unauthorized asset movement, so you are always up to date on where they are and how they work.

Detailed reports

Select through a rich list of detailed reports to go through the data between any dates with actionable data and check your cooler status & operation

Mobile app

Monitor your coolers and give your installers & Business Developers the power of managing your asset base wherever they are, on the Mobile OS of your choice.

Installation & Support

We handle installation of devices and sensors for your cooler asset estate directly or through local partners and offer Technical Support for the complete solution wherever you are.