Vodafone Innovus IoT Asset Control for Mobile Assets

Track the location and status of all your Mobile Assets at a glance, wherever they are in the world. Monitor containers, trailers, palettes and sensitive goods packages, all in the same UI.

A device for any use case

The multiple applications of a Mobile Asset Tracking solution demand a large number of supported devices. Through the Vodafone Innovus device portfolio we will match and configure the one you need to your exact specifications, while our strong experience in integrating hundreds of devices will help adapt & integrate whatever other device is available in the market.

Meaningful data analytics

Choose through the many available widgets for the web portal dashboard and monitor at a glance the status of your entire asset estate and if you require a specialised view, Vodafone Innovus can develop and adapt one to your exact specifications.

Dynamic map presentation

Choose one of the many available global basemaps and the integrated GIS platform will instantly & dynamically display

  • Location, heading and sensory data

  • Geofences & Points of Interest (POIs)

  • Custom layers with your own information

  • Global traffic

Immediate alerts

Receive immediate alerts on the web portal, your email or your mobile phone for any movement or sensor limit exception so you are kept up to date for the status and location of your asset estate.

Detailed reports

Choose through the long list of detailed reports and parse through historical data and get actionable data for the assets of your choice.

Installation & support

We handle device installation and support the entire end-to-end solution wherever you may be.