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An asset agnostic tracking solution, that revolutionizes asset management, utilizing advanced location tech and extended battery life.

Key benefits

Location awareness
Theft recovery
Route optimization
Quality control
Insurance and business benefits

The tracking device

A long lasting, battery powered tracker

Location is determined not only through traditional GPS methods but also by triangulating mobile base station signals and innovative Wi-Fi sniffing technology. 

Connectivity options: 2G, NB-IoT, CATM1

IP67 Enclosure

Asset tracking on map

Map view enables tracking of your assets, along with (un)authorized movement tracking within pre-set Points of Interest and  Geofence boundaries that trigger notifications.

Asset grid view

A dashboard that enables users to monitor asset performance data dynamically, including graphs & charts

Reports & Analytics

Access an array of valuable reports, aiding data analysis and informed decision-making, for enhanced business performance