Vodafone Innovus IoT Energy Control

Monitor energy production & consumption through the Vodafone Innovus Energy Control range of solutions that cover all your business needs

EC for PV parks_300px

for Photovoltaic Parks

Measure the energy production from PV installations for all the parks you manage.
EC for PV home_300px

for home Photovoltaic Installations

Get instant notifications for reduced energy production and get detailed statistical data.
EC for Natural gas_300px

for Natural Gas installations

Check your Natural Gas consumption for all installations with alerts and historical statistical data.
EC for Energy management 2_300px

for power management

Monitor the energy consumption of one or more installations and get immediate fault reports.

How it works

By connecting a telemetry device to a PV park inverter or a Natural Gas meter, we relay the production or consumption data to the Vodafone Innovus IoT platform over the mobile network and offer detailed analytics, trends, statuses and alerts.

It’s in the Vodafone Innovus IoT platform where all your asset data is processed and made available over the Internet, wherever you are, simply by using a username and password through the browser of your choice.

Basic features

With the Vodafone Innovus Energy Control solutions you can have:

  • a complete view of your energy production or consumption through rich Dashboards
  • Dynamic location, direction & route playback display for each vehicle on one of the multiple global maps
  • Detailed reports including scheduled reporting capabilities
  • Immediate alerts & user notifications via email or SMS
  • Simple & intuitive use through a feature-rich menu