Vodafone Innovus IoT platform

The Vodafone Innovus IoT solutions core infrastructure and heart to all of its products, capable of managing a huge number of different IoT devices.

Secure & resilient

The Vodafone Innovus IoT platform is fully redundant and hosted in a state-of-the-art secure Data Center that employs the latest access control and safety protocols.

We use E2E security technologies for our entire solution portfolio, from the device to the web & mobile User Interface, ensuring the safety of your data.

Device management

Whatever type of communications protocol is used by the device you require (open source, proprietary, custom), it can be integrated and supported by the Vodafone Innovus IoT platform and ready to send data in no time. Through the platform, a user can quickly and easily perform single or bulk remote configuration και firmware upgrades as well as receive and manage alerts.

Friendly & feature-rich User Interface

The web & mobile UI of the Vodafone Innovus IoT solutions boast:

  • User-friendliness
  • Asset-agnostic approach to enable multiple asset types on all views
  • Rich dashboards transforming your data to assist quick decision making
  • Informative alerts that focus your attention
  • Detailed reports for all of your needs

Designed for big & fast-moving data

Built for speed, the Vodafone Innovus IoT platform truly adapts to the needs of our era, featuring:

  • Fast & distributed SSD data storing network
  • In-memory data grid for blazing-fast data access
  • Scalable & distributed computing
  • NoSQL database technology
  • Data virtualization & distributed file stores

Analytics & BI

We firmly believe in the power of data and are dedicated in making sure we help you make informed decisions based on the entire available information.

Through strong complex event processing tools & streaming analytics, we unleash the real-time information from your assets so you can make immediate decisions and get things done faster than ever.

Integrated GIS server

The Vodafone Innovus IoT platform’s integrated GIS server can support geoinformation in multiple layers and offer map presentation for an extremely large number of assets with blazing fast response.

The GIS features are incorporated in all of the Vodafone Innovus IoT solution web & mobile UIs, giving the ability of advanced visualisation & spatial analytics in real-time over a multitude of base maps.