We adapt the Vodafone Innovus SaaS IoT products, creating solutions that cover your business needs, maximising their benefits and reducing your operational costs.

IoT Fleet Control

Fleet control for corporates_300px

for Corporates

Reduce your fleet’s operational costs and increase your driver safety.

IoT Asset Control

AC for ICM coolers_2_300px

for Ice Cold Merchandisers

Location and sensory data of goods and equipment for all commercial coolers and freezers of a large corporation on a global scale
AC for retail store coolers_300px

for retail coolers

For professionals, shop owners and companies that seek effective management of one or more professional coolers.
AC for Mobile Assets_300px

for mobile assets

Manage the operation and location of your assets at any time.

IoT Energy Control

EC for PV parks_300px

for Photovoltaic Parks

Measure the energy production from PV installations for all the parks you manage.
EC for PV home_300px

for home Photovoltaic Installations

Get instant notifications for reduced energy production and get detailed statistical data.
EC for Natural gas_300px

for Natural Gas installations

Check your Natural Gas consumption for all installations with alerts and historical statistical data.
EC for Energy management 2_300px

for power management

Monitor the energy consumption of one or more installations and get immediate fault reports.

Custom IoT solutions

Custom solutions_header_300px

Custom IoT solutions

Advanced IoT solutions based on your needs from the ground up