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Temperature Tag

Smart solutions in cold storage 

Temperature Tag comes with a new, custom-made and designed to cater for the need of the smaller businesses, transforming customer experience through intelligent technology. Explore how our expertise is reshaping the food and beverage landscape.

Key benefits

Plug & play solution: no installation needed
Paperless and seamless digital onboarding
Autonomous battery operated device
Reduced operating costs and product loss

Real-time monitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring enabling customers to proactively maintain products quality but also swiftly respond to any emerging issues. Accessible by both web and mobile applications.

Reports & Analytics

Access to useful historical data and reports, aiding data analysis and informed decision-making, for enhanced business performance.

Live multichannel notifications

Real-time alerts informing customer instantaneously through push, email and sms notifications in case of violations or deviations of pre-set thresholds, reducing inspection costs