Vodafone Innovus is an Innovative end-to-end IoT solutions provider, founded in Athens, Greece in 2004 and a fully owned Vodafone subsidiary since 2012. Always pushing the boundary of innovation by developing cutting edge solutions, Vodafone Innovus is widely recognised by several market intelligence providers as a significant partner of Vodafone Global IoT, offering IoT customer solutions on a global scale.

From its diverse IoT terminal portfolio (Vodafone Innovus designed or third-party) with a choice of connectivity (mobile, NB-IoT, Wireless, fixed, satellite) and its own central IoT platform, all the way to rich web & mobile UIs and installation, consulting and integration services, Vodafone Innovus offers end to end solutions for the digital era.

The mobile-connected telemetry devices have an option of local or Global SIMs – the latter enabling the device to immediately become operational following its activation anywhere in the world and start feeding data to the central secure, resilient and high-availability own Vodafone Innovus IoT platform, hosted in the Tier-1 Vodafone Greece Data Center and connected to the Vodafone Global network.

An active company, engaging with customers all over the world, Vodafone Innovus has a wide range of capabilities such as:

  • Application & Hardware Development
  • Web Applications Development
  • Database Design and Management
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Embedded firmware development
  • Hardware / Middleware design and development

The Vodafone Innovus vision is clear: To transform businesses by making assets smarter.

The driver behind Vodafone Innovus has always been the need to deliver truly useful and innovative solutions in the IoT market, increasing user adoption and help incorporate IoT solutions into the daily lives of Businesses. To achieve this, Vodafone Innovus has:

Created a long-term strategy

to help not only identify focus areas, but to clearly set the stage in the IoT field by constantly being recognized as a leader. 

Formed direct strategic partnerships & alliances

with several key partners (such as fridge & soft drink vendors, bottlers, IoT chipset manufacturers etc..) to shape the solutions to the exact needs of the market.

Established a rich Product Roadmap

with new entries and constant enhancements to existing solutions.

Chosen to design own IoT devices

to ensure device intelligence, complete control over device software & hardware and cost-effectiveness.


Captured market insight

through continuous engagement with key customers and market intelligence provider reports.

Collaborated with the Vodafone Global IoT

for a truly worldwide expansion and effective Global G2M (Go-to-Market) strategy.

Established a strong R&D team

with the necessary expertise combined with agile Software Hardware development teams exploiting Big Data, Data Analytics, GIS and Mobile device technologies. 

Adopted a modern Quality Assurance strategy

to monitor design, testing and deployment of all deliverables with the help of cutting edge tools and adopting standard Quality monitoring processes. 

Vodafone Innovus is the clear choice when it comes to IoT solutions:

  1. End to end solutions, providing managed connectivity, device management, full suite of IoT applications, web & mobile UIs and APIs, extensive Support and Field Services.
  2. Secure & reliable IoT platform, capable of managing an unlimited number of assets and their data
  3. IoT Data analytics to help drive faster decision making
  4. Technology pioneering to build devices utilising the latest advancements that IoT has to offer
  5. Flexible solutions that adapt to the customer needs

Vodafone Innovus is a fully owned subsidiary of Vodafone Greece since 2012



Vodafone Greece is a member of Vodafone Group Plc, one of the world’s leaders in telecommunications, with a strong presence in the country’s mobile, fixed and internet market. As a visionary and expert telecommunications provider, Vodafone continues to invest in digital infrastructure, constantly supporting the needs of its customers, and actively contributing to the country’s economic and social development. In its over 20 years of operation in Greece, Vodafone has been driving the market forward and contributing to innovation, having invested more than 1.5 billion euro in the last seven years alone.